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What does stock commission mean?
China Jinmao stock purchase

China Jinmao stock purchase

First, my country’s stock market is highly speculative. Investors lack rational investment concepts. Many investors don’t even understand basic investment knowledge and trading rules. They just buy with one code. Anyway, as long as they buy, they can go up and resell. Just give it to other people, which makeChina Jinmao stock purchases the stock prices of a large number of companies run out of fundamentals. When they rise, they rise too fast, the bubble is too big, and finally the value returns and enters a long bear road.

From a policy perspective, it can be said that the benefits have continued for some time: QFII and RQFII quotas have been cancelled, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has launched 12 key tasks in comprehensively deepening the reform of the capital market, and the Financial Commission has proposed to promote the continuous entry of long-term funds into the market, combat illegal activities, and protect small and medium-sized enterprises. Investor interests, etc., this series of favorable policies will be a solid foundation for the continued strength of the A-share market.

In the first two trading days of this week, the top net inflows of individual stock financing are: Ping An’s 0.7 billion yuan, Watson Bio (300142) 3.1 billion yuan, construction 7.1 billion yuan, China Freedom (601888) 4.5 billion yuan, Kweichow Moutai (600519) ) 3.3 billion yuan, Hengrui Pharmaceutical (600276) 2.2 billion yuan, China Microelectronics (600360) 8.3 billion yuan, Gree Electric (000651) 700 million yuan, BOE 5.5 billion yuan, Silan Micro (600460) 5.5 billion yuan, Tong Kunming Stock (601233) 4.9 billion yuan, Industrial Bank 3.7 billion yuan, Wuliangye (000858) 3.3 billion yuan, China Merchants Bank 3.1 billion yuan, Jiangsu Bank (600919) 300 million yuan, BYD (002594) 2.7 billion yuan.

Just entering April, we ushered in an unexpected huge dividend in policy-the construction of the new district. Although the real estate market in the new district is currently under control and there is no opportunity for speculation, in the capital market, the use of money to chase related concept stocks will not be subject to supervision. This has led to the Xiong'an concept led by BBMG to maintain 100 million yuan throughout the day. If there is no policy dividend, I believe this phenomenon is rare in the low and volatile stock market. Therefore, during the continuous fermentation of the concept of Xiongan, this strong market may continue.

Since mid-October, adhere to the strategic view of economic equilibrium and market shocks. Although the current economic recovery is sustained and supported by policies, it does not constitute a condition for breaking the deadlock. With the gradual tightening of liquidity expectations, the market does not have any upward momentum. Maintain the view of market turbulence unchanged.

However, Xu Biao’s strategic team at Tianfeng Securities has a different view. He believes that under the background of the global 5G cycle, global semiconductor cycle, and gloChina Jinmao stock purchasebal cloud computing cycle, the market’s mid- to long-term style is likely to be difficult to reverse. Under the endogenous driving force of the technology industry cycle, the new technology sector is still a relatively certain aspect of the annual performance trend.

The report stated that looking back at 2016-18, the A/H bank stock index rose 57%/98% from the low point at the beginning of 2016 to the high point at the beginning of 2018, of which the valuation of A/H bank stocks rose from the low point 0.79x/0.61x Looking forward one year, PB rose 34%/56% to a high of 06x/0.95x. It is expected that the current round of A/H bank valuation can be restored from the current 0.77x/0.57x before 2Q2021 to 00x/0.90x one year forward PB (lower than the high point at the beginning of 2018 is mainly due to the economic uncertainty caused by Sino-US relations , The economic recovery and interest rate increase may not be as good as 2016-18), and the corresponding upside potential is 30%/58%.

Judging from the flow of the main funds for a single-day super-large order, Tuesday’s gaping and high-opening attracted 17.5 billion yuan of funds to enter the market, but only 1.6 billion yuan in net inflow when it hit a new rebound on Thursday, resulting in a large 20.7 billion yuan on Friday. The net outflow. On the whole, funds around 2800 points are more cautious about the rebound, and generally adopt the tactic of making money and running.

Previously, the operating income of Horizon in 2015, 2016 and 2017 were 9.8 billion yuan, 2 billion yuan, and 1.7 billion yuan, and net profits were 219.23 million yuan, 270.81 million yuan, and 341.53 million yuan.