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What does stock commission mean?
Mobile phone purchase of stocks

Mobile phone purchase of stocks

Comment: Resolutely refrain from flooding to prevent the divergence of inflation expectations. Compared with the previous issues, the report’s focus on prices has increased sigMobile phone purchase of stocksnificantly. One can imagine the importance of being alert to inflation. The central bank emphasizes the role of monetary and credit policies in promoting economic restructuring and better serving the real economy. It mainly includes three aspects: one is to make good use of a variety of monetary policy tools; the other is to continue to use the combined efforts of various departments to guide and optimize the credit structure; Increase support for the bond market and bill financing.

Although the A-share trend in the first three quarters of 2019 was twists and turns, the three major indexes all rose sharply, and the overall profitability effect was good. In terms of growth, small and medium-sized companies are stronger than the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The surge in the first three quarters was inseparable from the influence of favorable policies, incremental funds, and low valuations. Based on this, we believe that the overall market in the fourth quarter first declined and then rose, with little room for overall decline and upside, and still maintain a volatile pattern.

On March 28, the Insurance Fund Company released the "2019 National Stock Market Investor Status Survey Report" (referred to as the "Report"). The "Report" analyzes the status of individual investors, general institutional investors, and professional institutional investors in detail to reflect the changing trends of the A-share investor group.

In addition to Italy, Spain, France, and Germany, among European countries, Switzerland has confirmed 10897 cases; Britain has confirmed 9639 cases; Netherlands has confirmed 6438 cases; Belgium has confirmed 4937 cases; Norway has confirmed 3066 cases; Portugal has confirmed 2995 cases; Sweden has confirmed 2526 cases...

According to the "Regulatory Questions and Answers", the strategic investors in the "Implementation Rules" refer to those who have strong important strategic resources in the same industry or related industries, seek long-term common strategic interests with listed companies that seek to coordinate and complement each other, and are willing to hold listed companies for a long time. A large proportion of shares, willing and able to perform corresponding responsibilities seriously, appoint directors to actually participate in corporate governance, improve listed company governance, help listed companies significantly improve company quality and intrinsic value, have a good integrity record, and have not been subject to the Securities Regulatory Commission in the past three years. Investors who are subject to administrative penalties or criminally held accountable.

Comment: As expected, real estate is the most profitable. Vanke shouted to survive. In fact, it was for the younger brothers to listen to. It's like Xueba says that he failed the exam every time, just because it is one or two points away from the full score. Last Friday, the real estate stocks' daily limit surge was followed by the rumors that the purchase restriction was released (theMobile phone purchase of stocks rumor has been dismissed by the official media), and it has nothing to do with performance.

On January 13, Yinhua Technology Innovation Hybrid Securities Investment Fund was officially launched. The original deadline for fund raising was January 21. However, a reporter from the Securities News learned from the issuance channel that the subscription amount of the fund had reached the first day of sale. 4.7 billion yuan, far exceeding the 1 billion yuan limit, will end the fundraising early and start the doomsday proportional allotment.

Two extreme changes in the A-share market Although the large-cap index of A-shares has not changed much this year, there have been two extreme changes in individual stocks. Investors who happen to encounter these two extreme changes will face Two very different fates. The first change is that the stock prices of some individual stocks hit historical highs. On June 24, Kweichow Moutai's stock rose to an unprecedented level of 999 yuan per share, only one step away from 1,000 yuan. At the same time, Changchun High-tech, Wuliangye, Ping An and other stocks reached record highs. It’s no surprise that individual stocks hit new highs during the bull market, but this year’s stock market is clearly not a bull market. Moreover, the current market index has not even reached half of its historical high, and the stock prices of so many stocks can hit a record high. , The reason behind it is worth pondering. If you can master the laws behind it, does it mean that it will be easier to make money in the stock market in the future? In any case, if investors who bought these stocks this year will undoubtedly be the big winners in the A-share market this year. Take Kweichow Moutai as an example, it has risen by nearly 400 yuan per share since the beginning of the year, a 67% increase. As long as you buy a hand of Moutai stocks a year ago, you have earned almost 40,000 from holding it. Of course, Moutai has not risen the most, at least Wuliangye has risen more than Moutai, which has risen by 124% since the beginning of the year. No matter which stock you buy, these stocks with stock prices will be full of profits. The second change is that the stock prices of many stocks hit historical lows in succession. At least 10 stocks with a stock price of less than RMB 2 per share have hit a record low this year, and some stocks are hovering near the record low, and there are even stocks with the lowest price in history such as RMB 0.12 per share. In the past, this situation would only occur in a big bear market. This year's stock market is obviously not a big bear market. In addition to the fact that stocks with new low stock prices have become common, the number of stocks that have been delisted this year has also increased. So far, there have been 4 stocks that have been delisted or confirmed to be delisted. In the first half of last year, there were none. . In addition to those that have been delisted or confirmed to be delisted, many stocks have been suspended from listing, and these are obviously also potential delisting targets. Regardless of stocks with new low stock prices or delisted stocks, as long as you buy one of them, it is absolutely disastrous. Taking the delisting of Hairun, which created the lowest share price in the A-share market, for example, it was about 2 yuan per share a year ago, and now it has dropped to 0.12 yuan per share at least. If you buy it a year ago and hold it until now, your assets will be It has shrunk by nearly 90%, which can be described as a heavy loss. Why do these two extremes appear in the A-share market? In the past, the differentiation of individual stocks in the A-share market was not unheard of, but it is rare to see a differentiation towards two extremes like this year. The reason is that market environment factors should have played a role. After all, the market's rise in the past few months has given some stocks the opportunity to make new highs, and the decline in the market since the end of April has also given some stocks the opportunity to make new lows. However, the role of market environment factors cannot be explained. It is these stocks and not other stocks why stock prices hit historical highs or historical lows. In fact, a little research on these will reveal that stocks with stock prices hitting record highs are basically high-quality stocks. They not only make money for shareholders every year, but also make more money year after year. And those stocks with new low stock prices are undoubtedly not underperforming stocks, either losing money year after year, or something suddenly happened, and then losing all of the years earned in a year. Therefore, the two extreme differences in individual stocks may be that investors have begun to mature and have begun to learn to vote with their feet. It also shows that value investing has begun to gain popularity. In the view of Mr. Xi Cai, this is the expected performance of the stock market. Only in this way can the stocks that are overfilled and have little investment value be driven out of the market, leaving real good stocks and purifying the stock market. This is obviously beneficial to all investors, especially the large number of retail investors in the A-share market. Because whether it is in a market where hype is prevalent or a large number of junk stocks exist, retail investors are often the most injured. With the return of value investing and the expulsion of junk stocks, even retail investors who do not have investment experience and capital advantages will no longer have to fight the main force, just look for the blue-chip stocks to buy.