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What does stock commission mean?
Securities investment funds buy stocks

Securities investment funds buy stocks

WTI October crude oil futures closed down US$01, or 57%, to US$376 per barrel. Brent's November crude oil futures closed down 23 dollars, or 31Securities investment funds buy stocks%, to 378 dollars per barrel.


Anxin believes that the impact of the epidemic should be viewed objectively, and crises and opportunities coexist. Judging from the currently disclosed performance forecast of the first quarterly report on the Growth Enterprise Market, among the technological growth fields that directly benefit from the epidemic, the pharmaceutical field is more obvious, and the cloud economy is also reflected.

From the perspective of fundamentals, Li Xunlei believes that the recent market improvement still has a certain degree of fundamentals. The macro data in June shows that the signs of economic recovery are more obvious, and the control of the epidemic is better. The fundamentals have indeed given the market. Certainly confident.

In addition, data released by the U.S. Department of Labor on the 22nd showed that the number of people applying for unemployment benefits for the first time in the United States last week was 770,000, which was lower than market expectations of 850,000 and the revised 820,000 in the previous week. The lowest value.

Wealth Securities: The order of selection and allocatSecurities investment funds buy stocksion of major assets is: bonds> gold> A shares> Hong Kong stocks> crude oil. In the second quarter, the combination configuration is more inclined to defensive strategy. Among commodities, gold has a long-term strategic position in the historical special environment where negative interest rates are prevalent and real interest rates continue to decline. As for crude oil in commodities, considering that the current price of crude oil is in the bottom operating range, we will also allocate a certain percentage in the second quarter. Compared with other markets around the world, take a good look at A shares in the medium and long term. Therefore, we believe that A shares have medium and long term allocation value, but overseas market risks need to be considered. The valuation of Hong Kong stocks is at a low level and can be allocated appropriately.

Second, a certain scale of special debt will be issued in advance. In the case that the National Congress of the People's Republic of China has not yet determined the time for convening, the re-issue of the special debt quota conforms to the actual needs of local construction projects. According to the relevant laws and regulations of local government bonds, the advance approval quota can account for up to 60% of the total issuance. The release of the special bond quota in advance also means that the total scale of the special bond will be expanded again. It is expected that the growth rate of infrastructure investment this year will increase significantly.

Judging from the performance of active partial stock funds in 2019, the front runners also show strong technological attributes. Take GF Shuangqing, which won the champion of active partial stock fund, as an example. Among the top ten stocks of the fund in the third quarter of 2019, there are 7 electronic stocks and 2 computer stocks-software and Great Wall (000066).