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Northeast Securities also stated that the break-up should be a normal phenomenon after the market-based What is stock tradingpricing reform of the Science and Technology Innovation Board. The market tends to be more rational, and most of the concept stocks with no substantive benefits are one-day tours. It is inevitable that new stocks with excessively high issue prices will have a downward mean return under the background of the registration system.

According to the goals and requirements of the “Implementation Plan for the Restructuring of Centralized Enterprises” issued by the State Council in July this year, all central enterprises (except financial and cultural enterprises) supervised by the SASAC were restructured into limited liability companies or joint stock limited companies by the end of 2017.

In the previous leveraged bull market, the brokerage sector played an important role in promoting. In fact, looking back at the big bull market from 2006 to 2007, the leveraged bull market from 2014 to 2015, and the intermediate rebound in the spring of 2019, behind each round of the market rebound, the brokerage sector is almost inseparable. . Although the brokerage sector can be divided into the nature of direct brokerage, controlling brokerage and even equity participation brokerage, for a long time, the direction of the brokerage sector often has a foresight. Rather than saying that the brokerage sector belongs to a strong cyclical product, it is better to say that the brokerage sector is the most sensitive target of market funds. Perhaps it can be said that the brokerage sector is the easiest to leverage the investment sentiment in the market, and before the market shows signs of recovery, the brokerage sector often shows the performance of early changes, and has played a role in stimulating market funds to do more kinetic energy and revitalize market investment. The influence of popularity. There is another trading day when the A-share market is about to bid farewell to 2019, but for the entire 2019, it is the most active year for the brokerage sector. During this year, the brokerage sector has seen multiple rounds of changes. Among them, in the spring market rise at the beginning of this year, the brokerage sector had a dazzling performance of nearly doubling the cumulative maximum increase. Just recently, the brokerage sector has also begun to be active again and set a new high level of periodic rebound. For the brokerage sector at this stage, it is obvious that it cannot be judged and analyzed by the standards ten years ago. Among them, from the analysis of the development direction, the brokerage sector has gradually got rid of the shackles of the traditional profit model in the past, followed by the expansion of new business and innovative business, and the risk control and innovation capabilities of listed securities companies have more influence To their core competitiveness. Furthermore, from a business perspective, the orderly liberalization of stock index futures and the steady advancement of stock options will bring brand new opportunities to the brokerage industry. At the same time, in the context of the pilot registration system for the Science and Technology Innovation Board and the gradual pilot registration system for the Growth Enterprise Market in the future, the business structure and profit development direction of securities firms will also be affected to a certain extent. As for the recent spin-off and listing, if it can be implemented in batches in the future, it will also be a development opportunity for securities firms that provide IPO services. In addition, it is analyzed from the perspective of the capital market policy. The development focus of the capital market in the future may gradually be reflected in the establishment of an aircraft carrier-level leading brokerage. Affected by this, it is also expected that securities firms with large scale and high market value will have a better development opportunity. Just recently, CITIC Securities' acquisition of Guangzhou Securities was approved. As the securities company with the highest total market value of A-shares, CITIC Securities also rarely experienced a daily limit trend, with a total market value exceeding the 300 billion mark. Up to now, there are as many as 10 brokerage stocks with a total market value of more than 100 billion in the A-share market, and the top five brokerage institutions are CITIC Securities, CITIC Construction Investment, Huatai Securities, Haitong Securities and Guotai Junan. From the perspective of investment value, the value level of the brokerage industry depends on the corresponding market environment, which is also determined by its strong cyclical nature; second, it depends on the corresponding price-to-book ratio level. Among them, from the analysis of the current market environment, although the market barely stays above 3,000 points, from the analysis of the valuation status of the entire market, it is still at the bottom of the historical valuation area at this stage. At the time of the bear turning point, there are many commonalities, such as low market valuation, low market index points, and relatively high netting rate. Today's A-share market investment security is relatively high, which is a follow-up brokerage firm. The play of the sector creates a stable market environment. In addition, from the analysis of the current price-to-book ratio of the brokerage sector, there are currently 26 brokerage stocks with a price-to-book ratio of less than 2 times, and the overall price-to-book ratio is still in a healthy state. However, in comparison, the price-to-book ratio of some sub-new brokerage stocks is significantly higher. For securities company stocks with a low proportion of tradable shares and a price-to-book ratio much higher than the industry average, investors still need to fight Twelve points of spirit. It is conceivable that the probability of price differentiation in securities stocks in the future is still very high. As mentioned above, looking at each round of the bull market, and even the mid-level rebound of a certain scale, it seems that brokerages are inseparable. As a securities firm with strong capital acumen, once there is a breakthrough performance, it will also release a positive signal of influence on the market. However, for the current A-share market, although the overall valuation is at the bottom area, it is not easy to form a bull market. However, considering the factors influencing brokerages’ investment confidence in the market, combined with the phenomenon that the balance of the two financings has broken through one trillion, when the brokerage sector has a substantial upward breakthrough, the rebound of the market will still have a very positive effect. Spring market or mid-level rebound market is still worth looking forward to.

This time, there are 5 Chinese companies that are subject to the US federal government's funds and have received widespread market attention. They are Huawei, ZTE, Hikvision, Dahua and Hytera. Except for Huawei, which is not listed on the A-share market, the remaining 4 companies all fell to varying degrees yesterday. Among them, the biggest decliner was ZTE, which closed down 74%.

From the perspective of northbound funds, among the top ten active stocks on the list this month, there are 21 companies with a net purchase of more than 100 million yuan on Land Stock Connect, and 15 of them are Baima with a market value of more than 100 billion yuan. BOE A and Ping An are the only companies. China Merchants Bank, Yili Co., Ltd., Luxshare Precision, Airport and other large white horses received net purchases of more than 100 million yuan.

Judging from the current situation of the A-share market, listed companies are mostly manufacturing and R&D companies with certain strengths in various industries or with certain brands. The financing activities during the IPO process play an important role in helping companies grow and promotWhat is stock tradinge the development of the real economy. .

Judging from the three quarterly reports, this wave of bargaining has been quite strong. Every time the market fell in the past, it was said that they were digging holes for pensions. Will this be true? In fact, whether it is pension funds, social insurance, insurance funds...These national second team funds have increased the pace of building positions in the third quarter.

In addition, BYD’s total installed capacity of new energy vehicle power batteries and energy storage batteries in October was approximately 507GWh, a year-on-year increase of 156%. The cumulative total installed capacity this year was approximately 591GWh. Driven by strong sales data, BYD's AH shares rose again on Thursday, with A shares trading at a daily limit, and H shares soaring 16%, both hitting record highs, and the total market value exceeded 500 billion yuan for the first time.