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However, Xu Biao’s strategic team at Tianfeng Securities has a different view. He believes that under the background of the global 5G cycle, global semiconductor cycle, and global cloud computing cycle, the market’s mid- to long-term style is likely to be difficult to reverse. Under the endogenous driving force of the technology industry cycle, the new technology sector is still a relatively certain aspect of the annualStocks available for purchase today performance trend.

Judging from the quarter-on-quarter net profit, 8 brokerages have doubled their performance! Among them, Tianfeng Securities performed outstandingly, with a year-on-year growth of 7737%, mainly due to the small base in January, only 10 million yuan; Centaline Securities, Guotai Junan Securities, and Huaxin Securities also increased by more than 200%.

Concept stocks performed well in the three quarterly reports. There were 18 companies whose net profit attributable to their parent companies increased by more than 20%, including Baima stock Aier Ophthalmology (300015) and Fuxing Medicine, which have a market value of more than 100 billion. There are 7 animals with an increase of more than 100%. The top ones are Kangtai Medical (300869), Yangpu Medical (300030), and Jiu'an Medical (002432), with increases of 12092%, 8075%, and 5503% respectively.

■He Wannan In September, the Shanghai Composite Index fell by 23%. October is about to pass. It is estimated that the market will hardly climb. The ChiNext (two-month streak) and the Science and Technology Innovation Board (three-month streak) performed worse. What is the reason for the market adjustment? How long will this wave of adjustments last? In the author's opinion, the reasons for the market's hesitation are the so-called white horse stocks. The so-called white horse stocks are called white horse stocks because most of the people who have been killed are that the performance is not up to expectations, or despite the growth but the valuation is obviously higher, or even the pseudo white horse that is blown up by the concept. Even if some are really white horses, there are also major shareholders and directors, supervisors, supervisors and senior executives who have rallied to reduce their holdings, making people worry about the future. This wave of adjustments is the chip semiconductor sector that hurts the most. The semiconductor index (880491) has risen 75% from 1535 points at the end of last year to 2694 points at the beginning of July; up to now the index is 2231 points, a drop of 12%. The Shanghai Composite Index fell 6% over the same period. The reason is that many of the leading companies in this sector with hundreds of billions of tens of billions of dollars cannot withstand the test of the performance of the three quarterly reports. Goodix (603160), with a market value of 80 billion, has the possibility of a sharp decline in its predicted performance in the third quarter report. The stock price has fallen from 388 yuan to 174 yuan; SMIC, with a market value of 111 billion, has predicted a growth of 14-16% in its third quarter report. How can you afford a valuation of 159 times? Zhaoyi Innovation (603986), with a market value of 83.4 billion yuan, dropped from 428 yuan to 177 yuan. One of the reasons was that the company had to issue additional shares at a price of 204 yuan per share; Wingtech (600745), with a market value of 126.3 billion yuan, had predicted performance. Large growth rate, current valuation is not high (dynamic PE 37 times), but the stock is currently in the window of reduction. China Resources Micro, which disclosed its three-quarter report on October 20, performed well. Its profit in the first three quarters increased by 155%, but it had to raise capital by 5 billion yuan. The third quarterly report disclosed that its share price had fallen by 17% in the past four days. In addition, Weir shares (603501) with a market value of 148.8 billion were reduced by the actual controller, deputy general manager, and chief financial officer. Similarly, Changjiang Electronics Technology (600584) with a market value of 56 billion was also reduced by large funds; let alone The Shanghai silicon industry, which is still gaining losses so far, can actually support a market value of 80 billion! Just as a person of insight pointed out that the market is currently shifting from liquidity-driven to performance-driven, and it is inevitable to kill valuation. Even with frequent diving, the current P/E ratio of the semiconductor sector is still 1185 times! In addition, there have been many reports of unfinished chip projects recently. In this regard, the National Development and Reform Commission clearly stated at the press conference that it is necessary to consolidate the responsibilities of all parties, and report and account for those that cause major losses or cause major risks. The era when semiconductor chips relied on concept carnivals is clearly over. In fact, the so-called white horse stock diving is not just the semiconductor sector. For example, the three quarterly report just disclosed, the Fuling mustard (002507), known as the pickle Moutai, had a performance increase of 18% and a valuation as high as 43 times. The limit was blocked less than a minute after the opening, and hundreds of millions of funds lined up to flee. There is also Yangyuan Drink (603156) whose performance has dropped by 32%. The stock price has fallen from 60 yuan to less than 25 yuan. People suspect that drinking six walnuts can really nourish your brain? In any case, most of the aforementioned so-called white horse stocks are popular stocks, and they are also institutional stocks. They have been diving one after another, and the damage to market confidence can be imagined. However, the real white horse should be able to be reborn in the fire. The author believes that a true white horse should have at least three conditions: the industry and industry conform to the national industrial policy, conform to the main tone from high-speed development to high-quality development, and have a certain moat (for example, high gross profit margin), and continuous growth in performance; With high technology content, especially for companies on the Sci-tech Innovation Board and ChiNext, the proportion of R&D expenses should be at least higher than that of the same industry; the valuation is reasonable, and the PEG should be greater than or close to 1.

Analyst Mike Shedlock believes that gold has broken the six-year consolidation and is expected to rise in 2020. In addition, with the end of the six-year consolidation, from a fundamental and technical perspective, gold prices have every reason to continue to rise.

5G has a good carrying capacity for 4K and even 8K ultra-definition video, and will bring about changes in the video industry. Ultra-clear video based on 5G network has various application scenarios, such as ultra-high-definition live broadStocks available for purchase todaycast, remote security monitoring, and remote ultra-high-definition medical.

There are various routines in the world of stock trading. Some people firmly believe in Buffett's value investment, some are looking for inside information, and some choose to believe in stock gods. Although there are stock gods every year, this year seems to be particularly large. Telephone calls and WeChat are simply bombarding modes, and they always report the names of brokerage firms first.