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What does stock commission mean?
How to buy stocks in China

How to buy stocks in China

However, innovative and entrepreneurial companies in the above industries that are deeply integrated with new technologies, new industries, new formats, and new models such as the Internet, big data, cloud computing, automation, new energy, anHow to buy stocks in Chinad artificial intelligence can still be listed on the ChiNext and require sponsors Conduct due diligence on the recommended companies, make professional judgments, and explain the relevant verification process, basis and conclusions in the issuance sponsorship letter, which fully reflects the positioning of the GEM to serve innovative entrepreneurial enterprises. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange's issuance and listing review will focus on the business model, core technology, and R&D advantages of such declared companies, and can consult with industry consulting experts as needed.

A-shares ushered in their debut in the Year of the Pig today. The three major stock indexes rose like a rainbow. The Shanghai Composite Index closed up 36% to close at 26,590 points; the Shenzhen Component Index surged 06% to close at 79,105 points; the GEM rose 53% to recover. 1300 points integer mark, closing at 13110 points. The total turnover of the two cities was 319.9 billion yuan, and industry sectors rose across the board.

In addition to the purchase of domestic institutional funds, according to the statistics of the holdings of the northward funds since the third quarter, 28 of the companies whose performance is expected to be profitable and growing in the third quarter report have increased their latest foreign shareholdings on September 2 from the end of the second quarter. , Luxshare Precision, Hengyi Petrochemical (000703), Rongsheng Petrochemical (002493), Beijing New Building Materials, Zhongnan Construction (000961), Yuyue Medical (002223) and other 11 stocks, the latest holdings increased respectively from the end of the second quarter More than 10 million shares.

On March 29th, the three major indexes opened higher in early trading. The ChiNext index fell under pressure at 1850. At the same time, the Shanghai Index, which had dropped to 3100 points, rose rapidly. From the perspective of the disk, the market trend is switching today, and real estate and resource stocks are rapidly rising when technology stocks dive in early trading. In terms of sector indexes, cement, steel, real estate, securities firms, banks, etc. had the largest gains, while military industry, medical and pharmaceuticals, and electronic equipment performed weakly. In terms of individual stocks, Vanke A was closed in late trading, and large-cap stocks such as China Construction Bank, Midea Group, and Yili (600887, shares) once rose more than 5%.

On May 15, the China Securities Capital Market Legal Service Center was officially established. This is the first nationwide professional mediation organization for securities and futures disputes. It will accept applications from investors and other parties to provide investors with professional, efficient and convenient mediation services to help investors properly resolve securities disputes.

In this regard, Wang Jiyue believes that compared to the trillion-scale transactions of the A-share market every day and the trillion-scale refinancing every year, the scale of hundreds of billions of IPO funds raised a year is not that big. IfHow to buy stocks in China the market cannot accept it, there will be a break, but the break does not appear, indicating that the market still welcomes new shares.

In recent years, Beijing Capital has continuously reduced its holdings of leading liquor stocks in the process of rising. This week, Wuliangye and Yanghe shares were net sold for 1.2 billion yuan and 0.7 billion yuan respectively. Holding Kweichow Moutai shares has dropped by 20% from the peak in March 2019; Wuliangye reduced its holdings by nearly half during the same period, and its holdings hit a record low of more than two and a half years; Yanghe shares have been funded northward for 10 consecutive months since February this year Reduced holdings, accumulatively reduced holdings of more than 50% of positions, and current holdings have also hit a new low of more than two and a half years.

From the perspective of institutional investors' actual operation of bank stocks, there are also situations where they both applaud and contribute money. According to statistics from Flushing (300033), a reporter from "Securities Daily" found that in the third quarter, three types of institutions including social insurance, insurance funds, and securities firms increased their holdings, including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (601398), China Zheshang Bank (601916), and Agricultural Bank of China (601288). ), Chongqing Agricultural Bank, Wuxi Bank (600908) and other 5 bank stocks.

On February 17, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets raised a net purchase of 116.9 billion yuan, a record high in the past 10 months. According to statistics, recently, while the market has continued to rebound, financing customers are also accelerating their entry into the market. As of February 17, the balance of A-share market financing reached RMB 05 trillion, a new high in the past two years. Since February 5, it has increased by RMB 365.4 billion, and more than half of it has entered the TMT sector. In terms of different markets, compared with the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange are more popular among investors. According to statistics, since February 5, the Shanghai stock market's financing balance has increased from 5,595.3 billion yuan to 562.8 billion yuan, and the Shenzhen stock market's financing balance has increased from 4,541.3 billion yuan to 4,819.2 billion yuan. From the point of view of the direction of financing customers, they prefer high-tech sectors such as TMT. According to the data, of the 28 Shenwan first-level industries, 18 industries have been increased by financing customers and 10 industries have been abandoned. TMT sector financing net purchases totaled 184.6 billion yuan, accounting for more than 50% of the two cities' net financing purchases. Among them, the electronics, computer, media, and communications industries received net purchases of 110.3 billion yuan, 5.037 billion yuan, 15.9 billion yuan, and 4.7 billion yuan; the pharmaceutical and biological industry’s financing net purchases were 65.8 billion yuan, and non-ferrous metals, chemicals, and electrical Net purchases of financing in the equipment industry amounted to 38.2 billion yuan, 24.3 billion yuan, and 22.5 billion yuan. The defense and military industry, household appliances, and non-bank financial industries also received net purchases of more than 1 billion yuan. Among the industries with declining financing balances, the real estate, food and beverage, and architectural decoration industries have net repayments of 1.9 billion yuan, 9.3 billion yuan, and 5.8 billion yuan, respectively. Commercial trade and extractive industries have net sales of 4.7 billion yuan and 3.9 billion yuan, respectively. , Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, and leisure service industries have also been reduced by more than 100 million yuan by financing customers. In terms of individual stocks, during the period when the financing balance continued to grow, a total of 877 stocks in the two cities received financing net purchases, of which 633 received financing net purchases of over 10 million yuan, 290 over 50 million yuan, and 161 over 100 million yuan. Tianqi Lithium Industry and Inspur Information ranked the top two, with net purchases of 8 billion yuan and 3.3 billion yuan respectively; TCL Technology, Huahai Pharmaceutical, UFIDA Network, and Shenzhen Konka A ranked second and received net purchases. 5.7 billion yuan, 1.7 billion yuan, 1.6 billion yuan; Luoyang Molybdenum, TCL Technology, and satellite financing net purchases also exceeded 600 million yuan. It is worth noting that the feature of financing is to help rise when it rises and to help fall when it falls. The higher the degree of leverage of individual stocks settled in funds, once the stock price trend changes, the more its stock price will be affected. Statistics found that recently, some individual stock financing funds have been deeply involved, with 48 stock financing purchases accounting for more than 20% of the turnover. Among them, Hengyi Petrochemical's financing purchases accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 257%. This is followed by Sunong Bank, Songdu shares, and Xinbao shares, with financing purchases accounting for 286%, 279%, and 226% respectively; Taishan Petroleum's financing purchases accounting for 250%, Mengcao Ecological and Changhonghua Eleven financing purchases, including Italy, Hailiang, and Chuangyuan Technology, also accounted for more than 22% of the total.

Half a year later, Sanwu Internet terminated the major asset reorganization. The reasons given were: preliminary due diligence showed that the status of the target company was not as expected, and the progress of various tasks was slow, and the target company and its major shareholders may sue The listed company terminates the acquisition agreement.