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What does stock commission mean?
Penny stock trading

Penny stock trading

Since Beijing Capital entered the A-share market, its earnings have been showing an accelerated growth trend. Statistics show that as of November 9, the market value of A-shares held by Beijing Capital was 21,177.5 billion yuan, and the floating profit reached a new high, reaching 9881.9 billion yuan, quickly approaching one trillion yuan, an increase of 1114% compared to the beginning of the year. Especially since July, the floating surplus of northward funds has grown very fast, aPenny stock tradingnd a new wave of rapid growth has been ushered in since October.

The liquor index rose by 07% yesterday, and the cumulative increase since this month has reached 245%. In terms of individual stocks, many second- and third-tier liquor stocks such as Yingjia Gongjiu (603198), Golden Seed Wine (600199), and Laobaiganjiu (600559) received daily limit yesterday. In contrast, first-line liquor stocks performed relatively low-key, Kweichow Moutai (600519) closed up 0.20%, and Wuliangye (000858) fell 0.46%.

From an industry perspective, listed companies in the fields of semiconductors, food processing, computer equipment, medical equipment, and other fields ranked first in net profit growth in the first half of the year. During the epidemic, due to the increase in the housing economy, the performance of listed companies in wearable electronic equipment, fast food processing, and remote office has increased significantly. In addition, biomedicine and medical equipment listed companies related to anti-epidemic materials such as masks and virus detection have performed more prominently.

On the afternoon of the 24th, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a document on its official website, in accordance with the law, imposed administrative penalties and a market ban on Zhangzidao Company’s information disclosure violations, and issued a warning to Zhangzidao Company, imposing a fine of 600,000 yuan and imposing 30,000 on 15 responsible persons. Fines ranging from RMB Yuan to RMB 300,000, and the four main responsible persons shall be banned from entering the market for 5 years to life.

On November 6th, it coincided with the launch of new shares in Sanda Film. The subsequent online issuance showed that the number of effective subscriptions for online issuance was 33.55 million, which was nearly 130,000 fewer than the previous batch of 3.49 million subscriptions for new shares. ; On November 7th, Jinshan Office launched a new office. On November 8, Jinshan Office announced that the number of effective subscriptions for online issuance was 32.96 million, a decrease of nearly 70,000, and a significant decrease of nearly 200,000 from the previous 3.49 million. .

Seven times of bringing the goods, deducting the payment costs, a total of 141.39 million yuan in revenue. Obviously, the dePenny stock tradinglivery of the goods by Via did not bring the company a substantial profit. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange also stated in the latest week of regulatory developments that it will continue to monitor Mengjie's shares, which have experienced abnormal rises and declines for many consecutive days, and take timely regulatory measures.